What is INCI?

This is the international name for the ingredients.. It is mandatory to show the ingredients on every packaging. In the EU, all ingredients, including all those contained in the raw materials, must be mentioned. We show every ingredient up to 0.001% because we want to be transparent. The ingredients on the packaging are initially listed with the highest percentage to the lowest percentage.

There are indications on the packaging like  :If redness occurs, stop treatment . Why?

Because we produce in the USA and these are FDA regulations. In America, every cosmetic must have these instructions, as well as for external use, etc.

Can I use the serum during pregnancy?

We ask you to consult your doctor. According to the ingredients, there would be nothing against it, but it contains red algae and these contain iodine. Therefore we cannot take any position regarding this question.

I have allergic skin, can i use the serum?

We can only say the following: In consultation with some of our long-standing customers, including those with sensitive skin, they  tolerate our product very well. If someone is allergic, any ingredient in any product can be incompatible. it's about testing. Our retailer will be happy to provide you with a sample.

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