Biomimetic natural Hyaluronic acid

Beauty active ingredient from nature for a smooth, fresh complexion

Hyaluronic acid belongs chemically to the polysaccharides, the multiple sugars. It is an endogenous substance that is produced by the body itself, over 50% in the skin. This is also the reason why hyaluron is very well tolerated and quickly absorbed by the skin. Hyaluronic acid is present in large quantities in young skin. With increasing age, the natural body's own content is reduced or destroyed.  This can occur through the natural aging process or through constant environmental influences to which the skin is exposed. The skin loses elasticity, resilience and deep wrinkles appear.

The task of hyaluronic acid is to support collagen fiber and structural proteins and to bind moisture. Due to its ability to bind large amounts of water (retain 1000 times more water in terms of its own weight), hyaluronic acid gives the skin volume and a young appearance. This in turn creates a plumping effect. The wrinkles are filled from the inside - lifting effect is created, the skin becomes plump and elastic. For years hyaluronic acid has been used successfully to inject wrinkles and is also an integral part of today's cosmetic research.

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